An agent represents their talent (the actor or model), submitting them to casting directors and clients in order to secure castings. Your agent will negotiate on your behalf with their client and ensure you receive the best fees possible. Your agent will then deduct a commission, which will be discussed between you at membership stage.

Of course! Our agency has access to the biggest clients in their industry and most modelling and TV work is secured through an agency. Agents are also the first point of contact for production companies and most well established companies have good relationships with us. We know what our clients want and will convey that to you clearly and concisely, ensuring you the best chance of success with the casting and ultimately the role.

At STL we meet and get to know all of our talent. Do some research on the agents and people who work within the agency? Also, speak to people in the industry; if your agent is well known and has a good reputation then you have no reason not to go with them. Trust your instinct and how you feel about your agent when you meet them. Ultimately you have to like and believe in them, as you’ll be working closely with them.

You can never guarantee work and neither can your agent. STL will do their best to ensure you are put forward for every single brief that suits your profile, however the final call in is down to the client and the Casting Directors. Our agents are extremely experienced so you will only be accepted onto the agency if we can see that you have the potential to work

It really is impossible to say. Lots of opportunities arise daily and you will be put forward for each suitable role, however there is also a lot of competition out there. The reality is our most experienced actors are not at castings every week. It really is a case of communicating with your agent and ensuring that your photos and measurements are up-to-date. All photographic work is booked on the basis that the measurements and photos are correct and current. You will be wasting not only your own but everyone's time if they aren't. This is you as a parent’s responsibility.

Mainly in London, however we work with clients who do hold auditions outside and across the U.K. Each production is assessed on a case on case basis. Your agent will give you clear information for each casting when you are called.

We do, you will form a close relationship with your agent at STL and they will assist you from the casting stage, right through to the end of the job. Anything you are asked to prepare will be sent to you, this includes appropriate dress instructions and any scripts that may need to be rehearsed.

A casting is an audition. There may be a few other auditionees there and sometimes there may be lots and lots. Most clients use different agencies for variety. A lot of Casting Directors only want to see your child for a very brief audition so please do not let this put you off. It is important that only one parent attends castings with your child, and please try not to take siblings where possible. In most cases the Casting Director wants to see your child without you present and you’ll be asked to wait outside. This is just while your child is asked a couple of questions, and to get a feel for their confidence without parents present, as often children are self-conscious around their parents. Please ensure your child follows the dress code instructions with no large logos, earrings or branding etc.

Some are and some aren’t. Because some Casting Directors and clients see so many youngsters, it’s simply not possible.

Once you are signed up to STL you will receive a starter pack, this will have a Guild to Child Licensing document attached. Please ensure you read through this. A children's license is a document that is issued from your local borough that authorizes your child to work. It is a legal document that must be completed for any work that a child under sixteen receives payment for. If over 5, you will be required to issue your agent with a school note if the casting or shoot is taking place during school time. Please ensure you make your child’s school aware that they are joining the agency so there are no huge surprises. We do require a quick response so not letting the schools know could delay the process and your child could lose out on the job. It is the responsibility of the production to process the application, however sometimes they’ll ask the agency to on their behalf.

It is extremely common for Casting Directors to ask our talent to ‘self tape’instead of attending an initial casting. This will mean they’d like you to read the lines and record it which can be done using your phone or tablet (or by using a DSLR if you have one).

If the client then likes your self-tape, they will do one of two things, bring you in to meet with them or they will book you direct for the job.

Once you are a member of STL you will be given details on what to and not to do when self-taping.

You will be issued with a Glossary document to help you understand the industry ‘slang’ in your starter pack. Please read it carefully so that you understand what everything means, i.e. a Call Sheet is a schedule for the shoot day; BSF is a Basic Studio Fee, which is the daily rate for the job.

Unfortunately due to the volume of candidates that attend the castings, the Casting Directors and clients rarely give individual feedback, however if we receive any, of course we pass it on.

Timescales vary however castings are often with very little notice (i.e. the next day)
Please note it is essential that you are flexible and available for castings in order to work with STL successfully.

Firstly, I would just pick up the phone and have a chat with one of our agents. That way you can get a real feel for the company and the people that work here. You’ll then be asked to go online and register and upload some photos of your child, and to fill-in the application. Please ensure you fill-in as much detail as possible to give you the best chance of joining STL.